Giving Projects

This year, the Southern California Festival & Sale Board of Directors is spotlighting the following MCC Giving Projects. Make a difference for communities in need around the world; open your heart and pocketbook to give generously in the name of Christ.

Clean Water at School: $130 buys a carbon water

filter for a school; $1,400 installs a well for a school and
the surrounding community. Join MCC to provide clean
water at rural Nicaraguan schools. Your gift will help
construct new wells at some schools and repair existing
water systems at others. Students will have the water they
need to drink and wash their hands. The wells will also
benefit families who live near the schools, improving the
health of whole communities!


COVID Supplies & Medical Care for Refugees: $100 gives basic hygiene supplies
and masks for 4 families; $1,000 provides a week of medical care for 4,000 people living in a
refugee camp – MCC’s partner operates the only health clinic and emergency services for the
entire camp.


Investing in Education: $50 provides chalk for a whole school, and $300 gives a generator that
powers electricity for a computer lab - You can help six Brethren in Christ schools in rural Zambia purchase
much-needed educational resources and equipment and make repairs to their buildings. This gift is a blessing
for students and teachers alike!


Fish for the Future: $350 builds a fish pond; $20 stocks it with fish. 
COVID-driven urban shutdowns in Cambodia have pushed many
unemployed workers back to their rural hometowns. This means there
are more mouths to feed in small villages. This project boosts food
production for rural communities

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Nicaragua - water 2.JPG
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Zambia - BIC schools 1.JPG